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Leadership Team

Classroom Teachers

Year 3  


Class 1

Mrs L Baker (M/Tu/W)

Mrs E Blades (Th/F)

Art and Design, Design Technology


Class 2 Miss Standish History
Class 3 Mrs Burrows

Team Lead


Year 4    
Class 4 Miss T Croft PHSE
Class 5 Mr Bonner  
Class 6 Miss E Lake/Mrs L Waldron Geography
Year 5    
Class 7 Ms M Holmes English
Class 8 Miss F Woodford  
Class 9

Mrs L Browne (M/Tu/W)

Miss L Jellis (Th/F)



Year 6    
Class 10 Mrs Peacock Spelling, grammar and punctuation
Class 11 Mr D Davis Maths
Class 12 Mrs M Kitson Mentoring



Teaching Staff

Mrs A Beck Spelling, grammar and punctuation
Miss Z Henderson Maternity Leave
Miss S Tummon Maternity Leave - Computing Lead
Mr Tayler Intervention

Support Staff

Miss L Adamson Learning Partner
Mrs C Banks Senior Learning Partner
Mrs S Braich Learning Partner
Mrs J Chown Learning Partner
Mrs F Kightley  Learning Partner
Mrs E Krasovska Learning Partner
Mrs S Lynham Learning Partner
Ms D Millar Learning Partner
Miss K Paddick Learning Partner
Mrs A Parker  Senior Learning Partner
Mrs R Pollard Learning Partner
Mrs S Roberts Learning Partner

Family Support Worker and Wellbeing Team

Mrs T Pearce - Designated Safeguarding Lead for the school Contact Number 07486888059
Mr O Griffiths Sports Coach
Mrs J Parkes Wellbeing Mentor


Administration Staff

Miss H Clark School Administation (Office)
Mrs L Fox Administratrative Assistant (Office)

Mrs S Tamkin

Network Manager

Assessment Data Manager

Lunchtime Supervisors  
Mrs A Calland Ms D Millar
Mrs A Gillies Mrs N O'Brien

Ms B Kaur

Miss K Tate
Mrs D Jones Mrs B Thompson
Mrs S Martin Mrs B Tite
Site Supervisor Cleaner in Charge
Mr L Bellamy Mrs B Thompson
Ms K Cartwright Mrs T Pearce
Miss K Tate Mrs B Thompson
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