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What is a School Council?

- Written by the School Council Secretary

To decide who was going to be a school councillor we had a campaign session in school. Every volunteer performed an election manifesto to persuade their class mates to vote for them. 

On our school polling day Kettering Borough Council kindly lent us their polling booths and Mrs Banks made ballot cards and boxes. All of the pupils voted for who they had decided was their best representative.

The votes were counted and verified and the councillors were announced in assembly. We had our first meeting to decide who should be Chair, Vice, secretary and Treasurer.


What We Plan to Achieve

This year we plan to raise money for different charities like Kettering General Hospital, the Special Care Baby Unit and Cancer Research.

We would like to improve the school as well. The pupils have come up with some ideas they would like to see such as;

  • a more colourful hall
  • more equipment in school and on the playground
  • grass in the Smooga

We will keep you posted of any changes we make in our termly newsletters.



Our Polling Day

We have 12 school councillors, one from each class. We make decisions about how we would like the school to improve and how we will raise money for the school, as well as charities. 

Our council members are:

  • Year 6 - Sophie, Tyrone, Niamh
  • Year 5 - Ryan, Ollie, Navami
  • Year 4 - Humphrey, Elodie, Alex
  • Year 3 - Vlada, Harry, Tilly

The councillors attend monthly meetings. Once we've discussed our plans, we go back to our classes and consult them on the things we have talked about and get their feedback. We can then meet in teams to put our plans into action! 

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