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Eco Team

This year we are going to try to gain the silver Eco Award! We have carried out an environmental review of the school to get an understanding of our strengths and weaknesses.

We did well in the 'Global Citizenship' category. This is because we learn about different countries and celebrate different cultures and religions. We also scored highly for this because we learn Spanish at school.

Another category we do well in is 'Healthy Living'. We have drinking water in each class and we promote healthy break time snacks.

In the 'Transport' category we do well because we have cycle training in school and we have a place to store our bikes. This can limit the amount of cars needed to get pupils to and from school and can help reduce the Earths pollution.

However, we didnt do very well in our 'Energy' section. Lights and Smart Boards are being left on when they're not being used and windows are opened when the heating is on. We also waste water. Children are taking more water from the machines than they need and then tip it away. We are also leaving taps to drip after we wash our hands and need to check we have fully turned taps off.

We also need to work on the amount of waste throughout the whole school. We are wasting too much paper, ink and paper towels.

Therefore we have chosen three targets to work towards:

  • Reduce Energy - we will be checking that lights are turned off when not in use
  • Reduce Water Consumption - we will be making signs to put next to taps and checking the sinks regularly
  • Reduce Waste/Recycle - we're going to inform staff and pupils about the waste of paper and paper towels and monitor consumption


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